Tuesday, March 4, 2008

What's a Dev Blog?

I know a developer who reads more than 150 blogs. Yet he says he doesn't plan to follow thisDev. He says dev blogs aren't worthwhile reading for experienced developers -- there's just too little useful information.

I think he has a point with many dev blogs. But, I'm not trying to teach about software development. I'm writing for my peers. I plan to write about what interests me, with the hope that it will interest and be useful to others. I hope to spark discussions like The Myth of Duck Typing and Quacking Again did. I plan to write about:

  • Things that bother me, frustrate me, and drive me crazy in the development tools that we all use, as well as things that I think could be better.
  • Things that I like in those same development tools. Although the criticism is more interesting and provocative, I'll give kudos too.
  • Major issues such as architecture, performance, scale, etc.
  • Tips and tricks that I've learned recently. Even though I've been a software developer for more than 30 years, I'm still learning. Mistakes can be costly -- you might as well learn from mine. Plus, I want a place to save new tricks I learn and this seems as good a place as any.
In general, I am not planning to write about:
  • What code I've been writing. It's probably no more interesting than yours.
  • What my code looks like. Hey, of course I love my code. You probably love yours.
  • How you should write code. This isn't a "learn to be a developer" blog.
  • Why you should switch from [name language one] to [name language two]. Also known as why [language name] is the best language ever invented. I've already criticized and praised both C# and Ruby. Every language has advantages and disadvantages. Knowing them helps us pick the right tool for the job. And the tools we use can always stand improvement.
I won't always be right. But I'll try not to be boring. I hope it's useful to you and I hope I learn something myself.

Is this the right mix? I'm interested in your thoughts.


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