Sunday, April 13, 2008

Save Windows XP

Maybe I'm just out of touch, but I just now heard about this petition from InfoWorld to save Windows XP.
I have four PCs in active use in my house and all run Windows XP. While I could switch to Vista on the newest machine, and possibly the second-newest machine, the other two simply can't run Vista. I may replace the newest machine in the next year (and there's a cascade of machines when that happens), but I want the same OS (and version of Office) on all the machines, for a lot of different reasons, including network driver issues for my printer and networked disks, as well as the burden of troubleshooting problems on two different operating systems. If I can't get XP on the new machine, it means, essentially, that I have to buy three new machines instead of just one.

I'm not anti-Vista, but I will say that if Vista was smaller, faster, had fewer problems, was more compatible with Windows XP, and worked on more hardware, this wouldn't even be an issue.


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