Saturday, October 11, 2008

24 Days: Beachware

One of the names I considered for this venture was Beachware. It's a phrase that I coined and have been using for years. Simply put, Beachware is software that enables you to be at the beach. Rather than sitting in your office or your home, using my software, you can be sitting at the beach sipping a Margarita (or maybe a Grape Nehi). Yesterday, I wrote:

Sometimes that work might be about fun, like planning a vacation. In that case, I want to make that planning easier so you can enjoy your vacation more.
But it seems like the goal of many web sites is to keep you using the site as long as possible, not to get you done with your task and moving on.

You don't have to go to the beach. But, if you're using my software, I want it to be because it's making you more efficient, not because you're frustrated with how long its taking to accomplish what you want. I hope you value my software more because you can use it less.


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