Monday, November 3, 2008


Reluctantly, I have to say: timeout. I'm still sick and my number one priority has to be getting well. I'll spare you all the details, but I'm still running a fever, thought it's not as high as it was yesterday. Even when I've found a few minutes when I've felt alert enough to go to my computer (like now), it doesn't last long. It also occurs to me that being sick might be related to working too much, pushing myself too hard. Last week, I had some persistent congestion that I chalked up as allergies and pretty much ignored. Maybe it was the start of this cold and, if I'd paid more attention, I could have avoided this. I certainly don't win any awards for work/life balance last week.

I feel like I have just 2-3 days worth of work on Groupthink Projects left. I thought those days would be Sunday, today, and possibly tomorrow. If I pushed things, I might be able to restart tomorrow or Wednesday. But, there are other factors. Friday, I'm going to the Bay Area for a conference. I'm running one session that I haven't finished organizing and speaking at another one. And, on Thursday, I'm hoping to attend the Northwest Entrepreneur Network's Entrepreneur University.

Those who know me closely know how driven I can be. In the last two days, I have literally woken up from a nap thinking/dreaming of code I'm working on. It's that hard for me to back off, but it's what I have to do. So, between now and Thursday, I'm going to concentrate on getting well. I'll probably spend a little time planning the conference session I'm running, but, otherwise, I'm not going to work. If I'm well enough, I'll go to EU on Thursday, then the conference, and, on Monday, I'll restart finishing Groupthink Projects.


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