Monday, December 15, 2008

A Day on Puzzazz

I spent today working on Puzzazz instead of Groupthink, cleaning a few things up and changing the book recommendations completely. Now, instead of alternating an Amazon widget (which was just plain ugly) with Google ads, it now shows one book or product per day and there's a dedicated recommendations page showing the recommendations from the last six days. I've also added some text to make it clear that these aren't books that were randomly selected by Amazon or some program. Check it out at

I also had an extra reason to hold off on Groupthink today. A bunch of feedback on my planned authentication & authorization changes to Groupthink made me think I might want to let the idea bake for another day before finishing it.


litterateuse said...

Can't get Puzzazz on Twitter; gives me a Server Error message. Any idea why?


Roy Leban said...

@Gauri: I had a bug where you couldn't change your preferences under some situations. Just deployed the fix. Thanks for catching it.

You might also want to follow Puzzazz on Twitter. At some point, I'll be tweeting the puzzle each morning.

g said...

Thanks for fixing it! Will follow it (and you for now :) ).


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