Monday, December 8, 2008

Games And Bugs

Flat line on progress today for two reasons:

First, I had been procrastinating sending out a Puzzazz newsletter and I finally sent it today. Unfortunately, doing that for the first time, combined with some other issues, took up half a day. But, as part of that, I finally got around to officially announcing that I'm selling copies of my game WIM, the every which way word game. Here's a picture of a game in progress and you can find more information at

Second, I'm giving a 10-minute presentation about and demo of Groupthink tomorrow night at Seattle Tech Startups (7PM, at The Douglas Forum at the U-W Executive Education Center) and I'm not ready yet. Bugs to fix and a presentation to prepare (and prepare for). That took priority over closing down specific tasks.

That means that today's chart isn't particularly interesting, but here it is anyway for completeness.


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