Friday, February 6, 2009

Just Ten Days

I've written some complimentary posts about NWEN's First Look Forum, but this one's a bit different. The Forum was only announced a couple of weeks ago, and no information was available about what a submission looked like until last Tuesday, with a deadline of today at Midnight. That's just ten days to put together a plan. If you already have a business plan or a standard pitch deck, that's not much time for a rewrite. But, if (like me) you don't even have that yet, ten days is an almost impossibly small amount of time. If I wasn't a good and fast writer, I'd have no chance. Even so, I'm in the midst of an almost complete rewrite today based on feedback from my advisors and I'm really feeling the time pressure.

NWEN appears to have recognized this because a little while ago, I got some email saying that the deadline has been extended until noon on Monday. Unfortunately, for those of us who are doing Seattle Startup Weekend 2 this weekend, that doesn't help. I still intend to submit my plan tonight. If I have time on Monday morning (and I'm not too exhausted), I can send an update, but I really need to be done tonight.

I still like the First Look Forum very much and problems like this aren't too surprising for the first time out with a new event. At least they've recognized it, even if their doing so doesn't happen to help me much.

And, now, I have to get back to my rewrite.


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