Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Twitter Puzzles on Puzzazz

I launched a new class of puzzles on Puzzazz today -- Twitter Puzzles. Unlike the Daily Puzzles, which will continue to run every day, Puzzazz Twitter puzzles run continuously. Just follow @Puzzazz on Twitter to get them. In addition to the delivery system, they're different in another way. Each puzzle is a "successive reveal" puzzle in which you get a series of clues. The more clues you have, the easier the puzzle is. But, once you know the answer, you'll want to tweet it, since the first person to tweet an answer is designated the winner and immortalized forever on the puzzle's page on Puzzazz.com. If you weren't first, you can visit the puzzle's page to verify your answer (or get additional clues). And don't worry -- the solution is hidden unless you choose to reveal it to preserve the fun.

The puzzles are a mix of different puzzles, ranging from Hangman Trivia to What Goes With? puzzles. You can always see the current puzzle on the site at http://www.puzzazz.com/s and get more information in the FAQ.

These puzzles are part of the broader strategy of extending the Puzzazz brand. I'm interested in what you think.


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