Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Advice, Ads, and Tasks

I had a meeting with my advisory board today. Well, not exactly. At the moment, my advisory board is pretty much anyone who will offer advice. Fortunately, that includes a lot of smart people.

So, at lunch today with a few people from StartPad and Faves, I brought up the issue of showing ads on Groupthink. I'm currently showing ads for the free version, but I had been thinking about dropping them. I think that ads would be a small portion of the revenue and, by dropping them, I would make the service feel more professional. On the flip side, hiding ads could be an incentive to upgrade to the paid service, and that's something that a lot of web services do. Obviously, any decision that I make today doesn't have to be permanent. As long as I haven't made any commitments to customers, I can always change my mind later.

The interesting thing was that everybody at lunch agreed -- if I don't think they're going to be a significant portion of my revenue, drop them. So, I have.

In other news, I worked on on client side code today, plus I spent some time figuring out what I have to do to finish. I knocked four items off the list today. Here's what I have left:

Area# ItemsNotes
Server3The server's working pretty well. I have some performance improvements I've deferred to post-launch. It shouldn't affect users but will affect my scale.
Permissions & Security7This is the biggest risk area and I really have to get it right.
Client11This is the largest number of tasks, but the risk here is much lower.
Schema1I'm considering making a schema change because it's so much easier to make a schema change now, before I launch.
Large Tests2This doesn't include testing of individual changes as I make them.


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