Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Back to Work, Back to Blogging

Everything takes longer than you think it will. It's been a bit harder getting back into Groupthink than I thought it would be. Obviously, I couldn't keep up my earlier pace, but, even so, I made way too many commitments for my time in the last week, both at work and at home. Plus, I had an opportunity to possibly earn a little money, which I couldn't really turn down, given that Groupthink is currently cash flow negative.

Yesterday and today I rewrote a lot of my client-side JavaScript. When I wrote the first version, I was a lot less familiar with jQuery, so I cleaned it up and made it a lot better. Given that I was switching to the jQuery way of doing things, I also rewrote the Ajax code on the other side that returned the JSON results from Ajax queries. Previously, it had returned a script file and now it returns just JSON. Of course, nothing worked after the rewrite and I had to wade through poor documentation before I get to my own bugs. About five minutes ago, I got it all working again, so I'm back to where I was yesterday morning (save one little new bug I introduced that I'm going to fix just as soon as I finish this blog post). But, the code is cleaner and the next few things I need to complete the Ajax code should go smoother now.

I haven't actually counted items on my task list, but it seems to me that I have about 20 items, split into three groups: must haves for "group" (sharing), must haves for "think" (tasks and organization), and the things I really want to get in but could possibly launch without. It's all about the task list at this point -- how long it'll take me to launch depends on how long it'll take me to knock items off.


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